Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Chapter 22

                                                                       Chapter 22
 Chapter 22 was good if you like love scenes, Storms, And fights! The fight at the cornucoppia was really good, I can't believe Clove got her head bashed in with rocks. Then Katniss got a big cut with a knife right in her forehead. That was just a really good scene. It was good that Peeta got better and was able to help Katniss re-heal from the beating she got at the "Feast". Then Haymitch sent a car package to them, And It was food! They make a good team. Just like I predicted! :)

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  1. I like that one to but i thought that kitniss was going to die because no one was there to help her then some one came up and hit clove with a rock and then she feel down