Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hunger Games! :)

                                                                            Hunger Games
   I think Katniss is very wise, And thoughtful about her decisions. She thinks things through before she does it. To me that is a very smart thing to do. She stays low, And just waits. Kinda like I would do. When she is in trouble, She snaps to things to do so quick.To me, That is a great skill to have!

   When Katniss got stung by the bee's she knew that, That would probably happen. But she risked her life so she wouldn't die from the Career Tributes. Instead she "Thought things through" and made a great decision that killed two tributes.


  1. I agree because she is very smart.Like when she thought back about the bow-n-arrow.She knew that girl was dead and went and got them.

  2. Yeah Katniss is smart and i love the way she thinks things through before she acutually does them. Very smart; and killing those two carrers just makes it easier.