Friday, October 14, 2011


If I was Katniss, I would do exactly what Haymitch said. I would run first then go back and gather what was left. Because Haymitch said there was gonna be a blood pool at the cornucoppia. I would run into the woods and build a snare, Then I would wait till someone or something was caught. If it was a human I would take their stuff and kill them. If it was a animal I would eat it for food. I would be really, Really Sneaky! I would never be seen, Just waiting and watching, Under the radar. Then, When the times write, I would strike!


  1. Thats a good thought Weston :)
    I would probably do the same

  2. First, love the voice in your writing....I read your words and totally hear Weston in my head. Awesome. Second, your thoughts on strategy are right on, I think. Patients is incredibly important....are you a hunter?

  3. Thanks everybody! :) But Mr.F, No. But some of my friends hunt!