Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Similarities Between Jersey Shore And The Hunger Games!
By: Weston Edwards
Jersey Shore{Wikpedia} is connected to the Hunger Games so much, I think.. In this story I will pull all these thing's out of the book. First off, Jersey Shore is full of stress, hurting, worrying, competing, and fun. (Sometimes)

Jersey Shore relates to the fighting part because everyone want's to win the reality show, So therefor.. People are competing to win. Also, In the Hunger Games people are fighting to win. Its fight to the death.(Literally) In the T.V. Show and in the games, You both get a ginormous prize for winning.

The frustration part goes a LONG way with it too. I would be frustrated with the people too if I had to live with them in a house for four straight season's. The people in their house fight all the time, Because they are together every day. But they are like a family. Katniss is outside in the Games, By herself, Lonely, But she was VERY frustrated when Rue died. She was angry at the Capitol, And the Career Tributes as well.

The thing about Jersey Shore, When you are together with those people for that long. You grow a bond with them, You become a family{Family;Wikipedia}. You help, and take care of each other when they need it. Just like Snooki {"Nicole Polizzi"}, She was having Boyfriend problems, And so everyone tried to cheer her up and was there for her. Just like Katniss had Problems with Peeta, And they became strong, Just like a family. Katniss had to help Peeta with his leg, Peeta had to help Katniss with her cut to the head.
They worked together.

Jersey Shore has some big time relationship problem's as well. They are always fighting with their boyfriend, Or missing them. Well Katniss was in that boat too. She like's Gale and Peeta. Who was she to choose from? Katniss and Peeta were hugging and kissing all over each other in the game's. It must have been awful for Gale to sit there and watch that too. Just like if their was a Boyfriend/Girlfriend from on of the actors back home. They would have to sit and watch their Boyfriend/Girlfriend spend a season with a bunch of Boys/Girls in the same house. It must be awful.

These are the connection's I can bring out of the story.
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  1. You did a great job kepping up with how Jeresey Shore (Paulyy !), and The Hunger Games relate . And they accualy do relate in a LOT of ways .

  2. Hmmmm, sounds like the relationships in jersey shore are a little more heated than Katniss and Peeta. Did they ever get tired of each other because they were together for so long.

  3. @Alycia; Yeahh, They really are.. I was looking at it, And I was like dang, I picked a good topic. Body Armour had nothing :/ And @Mr.F; I don't know but I am sure if they were real they would probably get frustrated with each other sometime.

  4. i think the way you compared them were awesome! keep up the good work Wes!

  5. Good Connection with Jersey Shore! Just like in the show everybody has tense relations but then slowly everybody becomes attached to each other. That's like the Hunger Games