Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tell Tale Heart Story :)

Tell Tale Story
By: Weston Edwards

I get a call on my radio and it says “Uhh, We have a woman calling and said she heard a scream from the house beside her.. Would you and the other officer go check it out”? But, Of course my answer was a yes... That is when it all began....

4:30; The call came in. So I headed over there very silently, Under the radar. Just to see if anything ran, Or Did anything suspicious. The other officer and I got there and waited for like two minutes in the car. We both got out and headed to the door....

The man that answered the door looked about thirty, He smiled and welcomed us in. Then we proceeded with the investigation. We told the man that the neighbor beside us called and said that there was a loud shriek. The man replied, Ohh... Then he chuckled. It was me, I had a very awful nightmare, I hollered and ran out of bed. It's good to have neighbors that care about you, Aye? We replied yes, And walked up this big staircase into his room....

He opened the big door, And grabbed us two chairs and grabbed him one. He handed us ours and sat his down on the floor. He asked for a cup of coffee, We nodded our head's yes then we all had a good conversation. He really seemed like everything was okay. But then... He started getting anxious , Talking louder, Walking around his chair, And talking more sophisticated....

We asked him if everything was alright, He replied yes very loud. He was acting as if he was possessed with something evil. He started grabbing his hair. Picking up his chair, and then he slung it. We both stood up and grabbed our guns. That's when he said Stop! He said I did it, I killed him. I put him under the floor. Then he pulled up the floor where he had hidden the dismembered body....

Oh, It made me furious. He cut off every limb that he had. Arms and Legs. Then worse the head.. Ohh I wanted to grab him and sling him. But I calmed myself down. I asked him why, He said the eye. He said he had this eye, The vulture eye. It infuriated him, He had to get rid of it. So he had killed him. We asked multiple questions. He answered them all. Then we put him in the car, And headed off.


  1. very cool i like how you use the pics to enfosize what you are talking about.

  2. The way you posted pictures with the writing made it more interesting and creative. I also like how you wrote in the same writing style as Edgar Poe did, it made it feel more Professional. Overall this writing is great!

  3. I liked it it was good and i like how you went into detail.

  4. Wow, awesome how you managed to both make this sound like a police report and also bring in the officer's feelings. Way to stay true to the story as well...nice work!

  5. The picture of the vulture eye is C R A Z Y ! o.O .. But anyway , your story was awesome . I was thinking of telling the story from the old mans point of view but instead I did a toon . I like hoe discriptive you were to .

  6. Whoaaa ! that is a good point of view of an officer ! Nice work Weston :)