Monday, March 19, 2012

Key To Success

The key to success is give it your best
Put the work in, Unlike the rest
Be the best, You can be. So why are you listening to me?
You should be working hard, Going non-stop.
So lets go, Walk to the door and put the key in the lock.
If you choose to turn it, Your jaw might drop.
You’ll be standing there, On top.
You may be on top of the world before you know it,
Don’t look to far, Or you’ll blow it.
One man gave you everything you got...
Or are you just gonna all let it drop.
You know I really don’t get it, Some people are really gifted.
But they do dumb things, Like shop lifting
Get caught, Your going to jail.
Then jail brings you down, Now your talents are on “FAIL”.
Or you could choose the smart path and use them and be as good as you can be.
Smart huh, Follow it, And you’ll see.
So just listen to me, I’m not that dumb.
Trust me, Ive been on  fail, And your body just goes numb.
It’s no fun, Honestly it sucks
I just laid there not wanting to get up. Stuck, Trapped in despair.
Just wanting to pull out my hair.
But I fought through it, I Got up.
I wanted to use it, The talents god has given me.
If I have to ill start from day three
I’m putting the key in the lock
So then, I can be on top.

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  1. Awesome. Hopeful and motivating. I hope more people get to read this