Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Dad

My Dad
By Weston Edwards
 I want to be just like my dad! He went to college to play basketball and football. I want to go play basketball, just like he did. My dad has been an amazing dad, though. Especially when I was younger. When I wanted him to play with me, he would, even if he was sick. He also had a bad shoulder from football, so it would hurt him when we threw the football. I always loved his saying when I fell and got “hurt:” “Come on Weston, Get up. You aren’t hurt”. He would tell me that because he loved me.

 My dad has gone along way in life. He went to Lee to play Basketball, then he was transferred to ECU to play football and basketball. I hope I get that opportunity to go play sports at a big school. I hope I can get a scholarship, and get my collage payed for just like him. He always strives to make me do my best that I can.

 My dad and I have so many memories we could look back on, we always laugh together when we are hanging out. He takes me to go see N.C. State play football and basketball. That’s where I want to go to collage.

My dad is my best friend, I can tell my dad anything and talk to him about everything. When I grow up and have kids, I want to be just like him and be a great father. That’s why I love my dad :)


  1. Dear Weston,
    I really like this post about your dad. I also look up to my dad and have a strong relationship. I saw that you go to watch NC state play football and basketball. They used to be my favorite basketball team. Do you play any sports?