Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The View Of The World

My View Of The World
By: Weston Edwards

Hey's and Hi's shouted out from across the room when I walked into work on the 99th floor of the World Trade Center. It was a beautiful day, It was Sunny, And warm. You could just feel the sun kissing your skin. Up there on the 99th floor, You could see the view of the world great.

There's was a girl I liked, Oh I also forgot to mention that I was 24 and not married yet. But I was a very successful man. I went to college to play sports but I got hurt and majored in business and then I was in there. I had an apartment not to far from it either. I had a regular family. Mom, Dad, And a younger brother. But back to that girl,  Her name was Sarah, Long legs, Blonde hair, And amazing Blue eyes. She had on a little skirt on that day with a tank top. As she walked over to the printer near the window, she put her papers in, Then the worst things happened.

That so lovely, beautiful girl that walked in that day was now split into 40 pieces by a plane? Wait, Is that a plane? It was! All over the radio was “Terrorist Attack, Get out of the building”. I repeat GET OUT OF THE BUILDING!

As I dashed to the exit door, Fire gaped up and bit my nose. I turned around and ran to the center of the floor. As I stood there, I thought of my last words to my mom, and My dad. Things fell from the gaping hole the plane had left. Desks, Lamps, Chairs. Beneath my eyes my world was falling. Literally. As I stood there, I saw people jumping off the side's. Wondering why they would be throwing their lives away like that. But then I turned and realized, That the fire has spread. So I ran in the plane and hollered and checked but everyone was dead or wounded pretty severe. There wasn't really no point in saving them because the plane was about to plummet back down to the ground, 99 flights down. But it's awful, I heard screaming and crying. There wasn't anything anyone could do. You had three choices, To Jump, Run through the fire and hope you make it or burn, And the last one... Stand there and just go with it. As time was wasting down, I had to make mine. I couldn't make up my mind, I didn't want to jump because I would hit the ground... Hard. I didn't want to stand there and take it because It would hurt, And there is a chance I could make it if I run through the fire. So that's what I went and did. I ran, And took a leap. The flames and heat were insane! As I ran into the stairway, I saw the fire rising. Quickly. So I turned and hoped for the best, I looked around. Then I did the dumbest thing, I just sat down on the ground and waited. I was the only one on the 99th floor. I thought to myself “Who would think building this high up wouldn’t have parachutes in it”. But then that light bulb in my head flickered on, That emergency box on the wall...

I saw the other plane zoom by the place and then hit a couple floors below me, I saw that the tower had tilted on its left. I looked in the emergency box trying to buy me some time. It had in it; A Flashlight, Band aids, Cutting knife. Just as I moved something around something fell from the roof and grabbed my leg like a wire, I fell but before I did, I grabbed the cutting knife and cut at it while it lunges me over the side. I dangled there with a knife in my hand, hanging from a wire in the ceiling. I heard screams from people watching in the bottom.

I got my self up straight were my feet are facing the ground. I looked down, and all I saw was police men, Police cars, And the people that had jumped. Rocks falling from above, Trying to avoid being hammered in the head by one of them. I then started to cut the wire. Gosh, I was so miserable. Dangling there. But I started to drive the knife into the wire, Back and forth, Back and forth. Snap, then the rope broke and then I was hanging on to the side of the building 99 stories up. But since I was athletic and strong I pulled myself back up. Just as I got back up into the building I saw wires flaring and sparking. So I was covering my head and looking. Then I saw a nice silk jacket belonging to Sarah, it was sitting on the back of the chair. It was black, A little big so then I grabbed it and leaped out the gaping hole trying to glide down breaking the fall. I stopped some of the speed, But I was still going very fast. I then saw that the jacket was ripping, So I just let go and closed my eyes 45 floors up...

Yes, I did survive. It was crazy, Frightening and yes, I think I peed myself a little when I just jumped off and leaped. But I did it, I am pretty sure my best friend, Didn't make it. One Saturday I went to the 9/11 wall in New York and I look at names on the wall. I see mine and my best friend was under mine. I guess I was the lucky one to hit one of the big air mattresses they put out on the road. They never told me. I am now 36, And a survivor of 9/11.


  1. I like your idea for this, but I am confused by the 8:45 post. How does the character know already that his love interest has been split into a bunch of pieces?

  2. Thanks, And because he see's the planee.. duhh! :)

  3. So, it's like (with the plane person splitting scene) you want your reader to make that inference. That's a cool idea...lots of writers do this...leave clues and let the reader piece them together and infer what it happening. Maybe Mrs. Fulton's confusion is caused because you didn't leave her enough clues...or the right ones.