Friday, May 4, 2012

Sometimes, Practice Is Cruel.

  Sometimes, Practice Is Cruel.
By: Weston Edwards

This is ultimately the fundamental lesson known by stars. And as you dribble and pass, You win the game, And you lose some, But the winners stay on top.

  Sometimes the points drop and just wont stop. Sometimes the loses, Take you for a run. Sometimes injuries ruin all the fun. And sometimes, Thats like fighting a giant.

  Sometimes you'll win the fight. And always lose the war, We keep going. We get hit with a quick jab, But get right back up. And we keep going. This is the price of being human. And also, Most times, Turns up bad.

  Sometimes the game is cruel, But you have no choice but to take it and win. But what if we lose? Surely, We'll be last, I'll have to remember the streak thatw as so good, Now down the drain. The worst team in the wetstern conference saw the best team roll up, And got smashed. The didn't lose the war, They gave up. Most of the fans watching were upset and mad. But we were the ones sitting at home in kick back chairs, While the coach is in the locker room kicking chairs. Bad enough, It was only halftime. Bad enough, The one star they had, Had only 10 points. That don't help them at all. Bad enough, The coach is ticked, its gonna be another L in the column today. Bad enbough, At the end of the day we still lost.Sometimes the bench warmers wonder, "Am I ever gonna get in"?

  But after they game they will look ahead. And practice and practice, Till they can't be Beat. They will be the best. When I get tired and wanna give up, I remeber this; I hated every minute of practice, But I told myself, Suffer now and live your life as a champion".


  1. i really liked this writing. the message at the last part is awesome. you did an amazing job :)