Monday, January 9, 2012


                              By: Weston Edwards

  I had the best, blood flowing, thrilling time of my life when I was a kid. I was always amused because something was hilarious or exciting. Or, I was crying my eyes out because I was injured trying to do something people would say “That's Impossible” When I was a child, Trust me. . . NOTHING was Impossible.
My family and I always have had the most amazing memories. Especially when we were kids, We were either in to mischief or we were wheeling each other to the Emergency Room. I had to at least, Give my cousin 10 stitches in his head. Five in the front, And five in the back.

  The time I remember is when we thought we were the best, quickest, Most Unhurtable Super Hero's ever! I was Superman and he was Flash. So the journey began, We were riding bike's down a hilly, rocky, trashy hill full of imaginary signs saying “Death Here”. I was the lucky one, I made it out . . Alive. My cousin, Not so lucky. He fell scraped his head and landed on a Ginormous rock. Oh Yes, There's more stitches.

  I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. We always laugh, wrestle, And laugh again. We love each other like brothers. Whenever we need something, We go to each other. That's the best part of our friendship, We always have each others back no matter what.

  One of the best times was when Jaylon and I played Modern Warfare 3, And survived to Level 37 on Survival Mode. It had to be four hours we played that game. Over, Over, Unending. We had our mind set to beat Level 36, We were determined. Till 5' O Clock in the morning rolled around It was over, Finished. We had finally met our goal. Both of our screens red as a cherry. With blood all around them. We got to Level 36, And it got so gruesome , Our guys had bright red blood everywhere, As we ran across the map like 2 hungry dogs were chasing us. But we won :]

 When we hangout, We have so much fun. And that's what I love :)


  1. ilike the fact that you gave great detail and that when you talk about your friends it sounds like you really care for them:))Good Job

  2. Thats really good weston..I like how you descibed it..

  3. This is a really cool story . And just like Nancy said , you put lots of detail into your story .