Thursday, February 2, 2012


By: Weston Edwards
  This is the story of four friends. Their names are Me. . Edwards, Neal,   Johnson (But we call him John), And Reid. We all lived in a small town in North Carolina. The town was small but our imagination wasn’t. So I’m here to tell you a story that happened Five years ago.

                        Five Years Earlier
  We were all Thirteen, Teenagers, On top of the world. When one day we were walking to CVS near my house and saw four kids our age we always play in basketball every year. They had Jordan’s on, Ripped shirts, And adidas shorts. That matched the way we were all dressed that day. So Neal. . Being the kid he was , Walked up and Asked the four kids if they wanna play basketball. They swore up and down they’ve gotten better, But they said yeah, Lets go. . .

   So we all walked to the old goal we play on and check the ball up. Keep in mind we played this team every year, at the same goal. We got ball. I mean come on, Home court advantage. So I run Point Guard,Johnson runs Shooting Guard, Neal runs Power Forward and Reid runs Center. Reid made a hard V cut to the left then cut back in. Passed the ball and hit the lay up. We knew they didn’t want it. So, We checked it again. Passed it to Johnson he made a pass to Neal, And he took it in . . . Layup. Four to Zero.
  5 Minutes Later

   Games almost over, Game to 21. Its 19 to 18, We are up. I passed in the ball to Johnson to my left, He passed it back and we were ready.Johnson made a hard V-Cut in and back out. Reid was posting his man up, And Neal was wide open. I drove hard to the whole, Got all of the defenders on me and kicked it back out to Neal. He shot it, Then missed and the rebound went to Johnson. (Now Johnson is the last person you want to have the ball at the end of the game when we have to score. He is the shortest person, Everyone else on the other team was way taller than him.) So he head faked and drove. But right before he was at the basket he did a no look pass to Reid, He went up over two players and hit the lay up. That was game, We had won. Two years in a row. They had thought they would have beat us. We told them good game, And we’ll see them next time. I heard one of them saying, “Man, We’ll get them next year”.

   So for the rest of the day, We just hung out and relaxed.  Until Night time, Then we hit the movies with our girls. Yuup, That’s how we roll. :)


  1. Gopod story, really descriptive. I like how we chilled at the end of the story.