Thursday, February 23, 2012


By:Weston Edwards
   This blog will be a showcase blog. Full of all my best writing's and things like that.

  I would have to say. . .By far "The Funeral" was the Best Example Of Creativity. It was so hard, Because It was my first rap I've ever done. So I had to get over the recording fright, I had to fit my part into the beat, And I had to make the lyrics come together. I see now, That it's very, very tough.

  My next one will be, Evidence of my growth as a writer. The before story will be "My Perfect World", And the after story will be "Ballin'". I picked these because it shows how much my brain has expanded in my wiritings. At the beginning of the year, My writing's were short and not very good. But now they are very long, And detailed. I have noticed myself growing as a writer.

  This one will show, Proof that I am a thinker or Learner. The story I chose was "Memories". I selected this one because I had to think very, very hard to remember things from a long time ago, But I think I did a great job with it. When I was thinking I had to lay my head down and get real quiet, Then I was there and everything came to me. That's how I know I am a learner.

  The last one will be, My Top Three Post's. My top three that I chose were The Funeral, Ballin', And Memories. These three were chosen because, I really put a lot of hard work and effort in to these. With the link's, You can find those up top. But it took over time, I really had to put a lot of thoughts into them, I really do think I did a good job with all of these.


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